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It was at the end of August, not long after their recent wedding, that the couple decided to buy a ticket. The husband bought the ticket and handed it over to his wife. And that is when the newlyweds struck gold with their massive prize. It’s a great start to married life when things are traditionally difficult due to cost and building a life together. But this new couple has the best possible start now thanks to their good fortune.

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If she had chosen 12 instead of 15, she would not have claimed the top £500,000 prize. Instead, she would have received just £5,000. Now she can buy a house for her son as promised. Few winners actually believe the win. Nearly everyone believes they read their ticket wrong. So Ms Flooder asked her sister to check the ticket. She even checked on the app to make sure, scanning the ticket, such was her disbelief. Sure enough, it was a big win – the top Thunderball prize thanks to a small error on number selection.

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Before the ban was implemented, the Kar nataka held up to 7 lottery draws a day. The state does this to prevent loss of income due to multiple lottery draws in other states. The ticket buyer is obviously going to buy ticketswin lotto provided by other states. This has forced Karnataka to also vigorously develop lottery and increase lottery revenue. This is a far cry from the days when the state conducts a lottery draw once or twice a week.

They say lightning can’t strike twice. Well, it can and when that lightning is a rash of lottery wins it certainly can too. The problem is, people believe in the law of averages. When a lottery winner comes from our town or nearby we automatically assume that there won’t be any other local winners for some time. This is erroneous thinking as such random events such as lottery jackpots has no memory. That’s why, despite Fort Worth Texas producing one scratchcard winner, it went on to produce several more. The fact that one winner came up, didn’t preclude others.